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slomo(In my daily pursuit to ignite the second-half of life, I came across this. It’s a 16-minute short film (link below) that’s turned heads at film festivals, and now I know why. If you ponder mid-life questions, you might want to watch. You’ll thank me later.)

For John Kitchin, practicing medicine no longer satisfied him. His Ferrari and his 30-acre ranch, populated with exotic zoo animals, no longer fulfilled him.

He left work each day asking himself: “How much of what I did today promoted me financially? And how much of it promoted me spiritually?”

Over the years, the answer became more and more about promoting himself financially.

It made no sense. He was working to support a lifestyle that didn’t make him happy. So he reset his priorities.



Broken_CarPart 1
“God save the queen,” my friend shouts, driving off in his Jaguar, leaving me at the Greyhound Bus station in a rather seedy part of downtown Los Angeles.

Very funny. I get the joke. I won a costume contest 20 years ago dressed as Queen Elizabeth, a fact my Jag-driving friend finds extraordinarily funny, and references frequently.

But there’s a double meaning to his queen quip. He’s known me a long time, since the days when I had some money and spent like I had a lot of money. The days when I wouldn’t have dreamed of going the cheapest route, unless it was also the fastest and sexiest route.

And now, in a very different time and place, he was dropping me off at a Greyhound Bus Terminal. Why? Because it was the cheaper of my two options. It was by no means the sexiest option. In fact, “Greyhound Bus Terminal” and “sexy” may be the most polar opposite concepts known to man.

The reason I’m at this Greyhound station epitomizes my riches-to-rags story . Thank you in advance for allowing me to stretch way beyond the definition of both “riches” and “rags”. I’m trying to illustrate a point here.


This is part four of “The Plan.” If you missed the previous three, I certainly hope you were doing something more important, like Sudoku or pumpkin carving. But now that I have your attention, it would be the perfect time to catch up on the first three: Fear, Debt and Savings. This is a complicated plot and I want you to be fully informed. (Ahh, who am I kidding? If I can get you to just read this post it’ll be the biggest achievement of my day.)


d1325will-work-for-money-postersMy money issues just got a little more interesting. My expenses have jumped $400 a month (higher rent and debt management the main culprits). Years ago, $400 would’ve been a drop in the bucket. A $400 bottle of wine at dinner wouldn’t have been completely insane. Today, $400 is a cell phone bill and a credit card payment. I may never get over the juxtaposition of my then-and-now worlds.

But the reason I’m thinking in this small amount of money rather than a real adult salary is because it’s a bridge to a larger goal: to get a steady stream of writing gigs that actually pay money. But that’s going to take some time to cultivate.

The initial stage of this focus on writing has been incredibly time consuming without producing a single nickel of income—yet. Yes, I could be out looking for a full-time job that pays a livable salary, instead of cobbling together a smorgasbord of income here and there. But a full-time job would suffocate my writing aspirations. I just don’t have the energy to work full time, do all the other crap we have to do as humans, and also muster the creativity to write three or four hours a day. Not going to happen. (more…)