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It’s Valentine’s Day.

Bah humbug!!

This is a perfectly fine holiday if you’re in a relationship. But when you’re single, it’s like being Jewish on Christmas. It’s a holiday for other people.

With no disrespect to my Valentine’s Day date tonight (we met very recently), I’m left thinking mainly about my exes today. And of my late partner who died of AIDS in 1998. (I don’t use the term ex when referring to him, it implies a breakup. We were partnered when he died and very much Valentines!)

I propose a supplemental holiday to Valentine’s Day. Call it Ex-Valentine’s Day. Or X-Day, if you happen to be spelling it on a cake.



sbsbWhat I learned on my autumn vacation:

• I’m trying to spin D4D into a book. So I need to find an agent and publisher (rather than self publishing, which is a last resort). The next step is writing a book proposal, which seems as daunting as writing a book, just not as much fun.

• If you want to get anywhere as a writer, you have to know the right people (or the write people). Just like any profession, contacts are gold. Talent is secondary. Right now I’m not sure I have enough of either.

• Boosting traffic to my blog is a part-time job. I’m in a 4-month course geared to do just that, build a bigger audience on-line. More traffic means publishers might actually pay attention to my book proposal. So D4D is now the double-edged sword of creating content AND marketing. All at the comfortable annual salary of Zero.