beach meI’m Jim McCleary, a freelance journalist and writer living in Los Angeles, and this is a blog about transformation in middle age. Not just about starting over but becoming a new person. My generation has just lived through something very unique: hitting Middle Age during the Great Recession. It’s been the perfect storm. Life was one way, a seismic event hit, and the rest of life was suddenly thrown way off course. We were unprepared for the unexpected. And we no longer have the luxury of youth, which, in the new economy, appears to be everything.

This is a blog about my story and my friends’ stories. We find ourselves in a boat that’s half full of water — not knowing if it’s filling up or draining out. If we can find meaning and purpose in our lives again, then we can look back and say it wasn’t sinking after all, and we’re back floating on the high seas. But if the water keeps rising, we visualize our own personal Titanics.

With that said, I have to believe that our collective boat can indeed be bailed out. Because the people you will meet here, including myself, are good people with integrity. We had a chance to give up but didn’t. We’re educated, kind, moral people whose lives have been turned upside down by the economy. And we all happen to be of that certain age called middle. My generation, which will likely be the first in American history to NOT have it as good as our parents when all is said and done. And for many of us, including myself, that’s OK. Because part of this reinvention has been to ask ourselves, what does “having it good” really mean after all?

  1. stvrsnbrgr says:

    Welcome to the apocalypse! I’m looking forward to wading in here, which probably makes me a masochist. But, safety in numbers. Cheers!

  2. M-R says:

    Excuse me ? – good people with integrity ? Is this The Promised Land ?!

  3. Hell to the yes!

    If you can spare a minute (the library probably has a copy), my 2011 book about my 2.5 yrs working PT retail for $11/hr, “Malled” will; resonate for you. I got canned from the NY Daily News in 2006 and have been freelance since — earning, at best, 50% of my old salary. It is a very large boat filled with a lot of people, some of which I’ve written about as well.

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