sbsbWhat I learned on my autumn vacation:

• I’m trying to spin D4D into a book. So I need to find an agent and publisher (rather than self publishing, which is a last resort). The next step is writing a book proposal, which seems as daunting as writing a book, just not as much fun.

• If you want to get anywhere as a writer, you have to know the right people (or the write people). Just like any profession, contacts are gold. Talent is secondary. Right now I’m not sure I have enough of either.

• Boosting traffic to my blog is a part-time job. I’m in a 4-month course geared to do just that, build a bigger audience on-line. More traffic means publishers might actually pay attention to my book proposal. So D4D is now the double-edged sword of creating content AND marketing. All at the comfortable annual salary of Zero.

• My financial situation (a recurring topic here at D4D) may not be as dire as I feared. After a thorough financial analysis I’ve determined that, if I stop drinking, I can make ends meet every month without getting another job. A few posts ago I wrote about my monthly expenses going up $400 and needing to find some part-time job to make up the difference. Then I crunched the numbers. At the current intake, my alcohol budget is about $300 a month. So that part-time job really is nothing more than a way to support my drinking habit. I’ve quit before and I’d like to quit again. So it’s either another job or sobriety. I haven’t decided yet. (Swig)

• Getting dumped recently after a year-and-a half was good practice for the rejection I’m anticipating from literary agents, publishers and would-be employers. In fact it’s already started. I was a candidate for a ghostwriting gig, but apparently it’s not going to happen (I’m pretty sure that’s what no return emails means). So being rejected by the ex was good practice. However, I’m not sure how many times I’d have to be dumped to prepare for not getting a second interview at Houston’s, a second-tier restaurant chain. Wow, that kinda stings.

• Living by myself (exactly five weeks now) is like getting reacquainted with a long-lost friend, and realizing all over again why you like him.

• It seems especially true in sunny Southern California … the end of daylight savings time always feels like whiplash. Or like living in Alaska in the winter. Neither of which sounds very appealing.

• End of revelations.

(To be continued…)

  1. christa says:

    You’re on the right path! Keep it up and hang in there!

  2. morgan says:

    Nice to know someone is thinking about the same things I’m thinking with the same goals in mind too regarding your blog. I wonder too about not having enough of the contacts and talent. Sometimes I think being a shameless asshole is key.

  3. stvrsnbrgr says:

    So $300-a-month for booze. Was that 10 cases of Two-and-a-half-buck Chuck at Trader Joe’s… or 20 martinis at The Abbey… or..?

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